Skilled Labor

The availability of skilled labor and the cost of labor are two very important factors in selecting a location for a business expansion or relocation. To aid business executives and site selection consultants in their site selection, Cherokee County has developed two tools for assessing our labor market:

Use our Skills Ready Model to input the number workers needed for your project and it will generate a custom report showing the number of workers and wages by occupation in our labor market. The report also lists the number of workers in our labor market that work in the sector and have WorkKeys/National Career Readiness Certificate skills that are compatible to those required for the occupation. We have developed Models for our target industry sectors – Manufacturing and Logistics.

Click on the button to the right, follow the instructions and a custom report will be emailed to you.

Our Skills Ready Profile provides an overview of our labor market that includes employment and occupation information by industry and occupation for the Manufacturing and Logistics sectors. Employment and wage information are shown for all of the Manufacturing and Logistics occupations in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) System for each of the target industry sectors. 

Click on the button to the right for a and a downloadable report.

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