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1324 S 2nd St, Cherokee, IA 51012

The Service Technician provides repairs, maintenance and care for the customer’s equipment which shall be of the highest possible standard of quality.

Application Instructions:

Apply online at

  1. Obtain and maintain 100% Certified Technician Status with LMS, Cummins and other OEM’s as required.  Attend hands-on classes as required.
  2. Strive for a 90% or higher proficiency average.
  3. Conduct self in a professional manner while demonstrating a strong work ethic.  
  4. Perform repairs correctly and efficiently.
  5. Disassemble and reassemble in proper sequence so that another tech can easily follow your work.
  6. Foster the Service “Team” attitude by interacting with others in a positive manner.
  7. Ability to work daily and overtime as required.
  8. Ability to assist in other work-related areas as requested. Technical support and development:
  9. Review customer’s concerns and recent service history to gain a greater understanding of the vehicle complaint and concerns.  
  10. Use online International and other OEM resources, (i.e. FCAP, EDS, Edith) to diagnose concerns.
  11. Monitor and communicate professionally with IKnow, EDS and other OEM case files.
  12. Obtain required information and documentation to initiate and successfully file warranty claims.

Customer satisfaction:

  1. Perform a courtesy inspection of every vehicle.
  2. Communicate any repair/preventative maintenance needed which is not noted on the work order.  Always identify the three “C’s” – Complaint, Cause, Correction.
  3. Determine necessary parts and labor needed to complete repairs and ensure customer is aware of all repairs and charges.
  4. Verify all service work has been performed and completed with the highest possible standard of quality.


  1. 1. Advocate open communications between shift technicians to ensure an efficient flow of information.


  1. Promote a safe (i.e. eye protection, etc.) and clean work environment.
  2. Ability to be insurable, drive a vehicle, and obtain and maintain a CDL (if required by location) with appropriate endorsements.
  3. Promote the proper use, care and storage of company tools and equipment. Other duties as assigned.

Location: Cherokee, Iowa

Open: Friday January 14th

Close: Monday February 7th 2022

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