Pastor, Memorial Presbyterian Church - Cherokee

Memorial Presbyterian Church

Cherokee, Iowa

Memorial Presbyterian Church has begun a search for its next Pastor responsible for preaching God’s Word, providing spiritual direction and pastoral care, as well as leading the congregation into its next season of life and ministry. The ideal candidate will embrace a Reformed perspective of the faith, hold a Masters degree in ministry or theology, and be ordained or ordainable by the Presbyterian Church.

Pay: $60,000.00 - $75,000.00 per year


  • Flexible schedule
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off


Desired Qualifications:

Personal Qualifications—The Pastor will:

  • Be able to give testimony to his/her love for the Lord and call to pastoral ministry.
  • Demonstrate integrity by walking the talk.
  • Be seen by others as trustworthy and authentic.
  • Humbly seek the wisdom and guidance of appropriate mentors.
  • Be able to articulate a clear and consistent understanding of God’s Word.
  • Be technologically competent.

Professional Competencies: The Pastor will be:

  • A gifted communicator, able to craft and deliver biblical and relevant sermons that effectively speak to both new and maturing Christians.
  • A gifted organizational leader who knows how to get things done.
  • A gifted liturgist who enjoys planning and participating in corporate worship services.
  • A gifted pastor whose care for the spiritual well-being of the congregation is characterized by love and wisdom.

Application Instructions:

Apply online at


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Preaching/Teaching—the Pastor is responsible for the bulk of the preaching and will do so in a manner that is both biblical and relevant. He/she will also have opportunities to teach.
  • Leadership/Management—the Pastor will serve as the spiritual and organizational leader of the congregation partnering with the Session towards a unified vision for the future of the church.
  • Corporate Worship—the Pastor is responsible for the planning and delivery of engaging, life-transforming worship services along with the support of able and willing volunteers.
  • Pastoral Care—the Pastor will provide timely spiritual direction and pastoral care for those seeking baptism, confirmation of faith, church membership, marriage, healing, and encouragement, as well as for those suffering the loss of love.

Expectations – The Pastor will:

  • Participate with the Board of Trustees in the fulfillment of its corporate responsibilities.
  • Participate in ecumenical activities and community affairs.
  • Maintain a positive relationship with the Prospect Hill Presbytery.

Supervisory Relationships:

  • The Pastor will serve as Moderator of the Session and will be accountable to the Session through the Personnel Committee.
  • The Pastor will direct and supervise the members of the staff.

Location: Cherokee, Iowa

Open: Saturday June 3rd

Close: Wednesday July 5th 2023

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