Cook 1 - State of Iowa

State of Iowa, Mental Health Institute

1251 W. Cedar Loop, Cherokee, IA 51012

Iowa Department of Human Services

The state of Iowa is looking for a Cook 1 for the Mental Health Institute in Cherokee.

Wages are $29,036.80 - $41,350.40 Annually

Desired Qualifications:

Experience equal to one year of full-time quantity food production in a commercial, military, hospital, or institutional setting;


successful completion of a military, vocational, or community college program in commercial cooking;


employees with current continuous experience in the state executive branch that includes experience equal to six months of full-time work as a Food Service Worker.

For additional information, please click on this link to view the job description (Download PDF reader).

Application Instructions:

Apply on the State of Iowa website,

Point of contact is Jessie Peterson -


Prepare meals 365 days a year. Follow all recipes. Work on pre-prep. Follow orders and directives as given. Perform teamwork related duties and responsibilities in any area of the kitchen as needed to ensure deadlines are met. Monitor food temperatures to ensure that foods are served or stored at safe temperatures. Portions prepared food items on a tray or assembly line in order to serve the correct amount and type of food. Places food items into insulated food carriers. Stores leftover food to preserve it for future meals. Sanitizes kitchen equipment, utensils, floors, walls, counters, tables, and food carts to comply with state Health Department standards and to prevent food-borne illnesses.

Location: Cherokee, Iowa

Open: Monday May 2nd

Close: Sunday June 5th 2022

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