Alternative Energy

Little Sioux Corn Processors Ethanol Plant

Little Sioux Corn Processors is one of the oldest, most efficient, and highly profitable ethanol plants in the state of Iowa.  Built on the rolling plains of rural Marcus, Iowa,  LSCP produces almost 96 million gallons of ethanol per year.  Interesting Fact #1: LSCP buys 3 million bushels of corn each month.  Interesting Fact #2: LSCP loads or unloads 175 trucks and wagons every day.


Wind Power

Simply stated, wind power is a form of solar energy. About 2% of the sun's radiation that falls on the earth is converted to wind energy through the heating and cooling of the earth's surface. When areas of the earth heat up, the hot air rises and cooler air rushes in - creating wind. Cherokee counties feature the country's largest "wind farm". The 680-megawatt wind-farm, constructed on Buffalo Ridge, comprises 459 wind turbines.  Cherokee County is proud to be associated with a renewable natural resource that makes for a cleaner environment and a better place to grow.